Definitive Entries

All individuals accredited by the NF must be registered individually in the form for accreditation below, including lungers and vaulters. Each NF is allowed 1 Chef d’Equipe, 1 National trainer, 1 National veterinarian and 3 attendants per championship in addition to the competing vaulters and lungers. One groom and two horse owners (according to the FEI Passport) are allowed per horse.

Entry to the stable will be granted chef d’equipe, national trainer, national veterinarian,
lunger, groom and horse owner. Extra entry rights to the stable can be given to two athletes per horse and must be specified in the accreditation form below.

Accreditation individuals:

For definitive entries of horses please fill out the following form once per horse:

The following forms are used for definitive entries to the separate competitions, please fill out once per competition. Please note that all vaulters and lungers first must be registered separately in the accreditation form above.

FEI European Championship Flyinge

CH-EU-V-Senior, Squad
CH-EU-V-Senior Individual Female
CH-EU-V-Senior Individual Male
CH-EU-V-Senior Pas-de-Deux

FEI World Championship Flyinge Juniors

CH-M-V-Junior, Squad
CH-M-V-Junior Individual Female
CH-M-V-Junior Individual Male
CH-M-V-Junior Pas-de-Deux

FEI World Championship Flyinge Young Vaulters

CH-M-V-Young Vaulter Individual Female
CH-M-V-Young Vaulter Individual Male

If you have any problems filling out the forms, please contact